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The obsession of “SIZE ZERO”

Have you recently checked any high qualified fashion magazine or ramp show?  Then you already know what I’m talking about. Almost all the magazine and fashion channel are full of sick looking, ill-healthy  model. And its a pity that that’s what people call  sexiness these day . The slogan is “the slimmer the better”.  The ideal slim figure stated Size zero(Uk size 4).size zero=23inches waist, exactly the same as a typical eight years old girl and in Europe the average waist is 34inches. Surprised? Don’t be.

There are many models and actress are in this shape now. Example:Victoria Beckham, Karen Carpenter and our new wonder is Kareena  kapur. They are quite proud because they have achieved it. Though  its seems like they are in a hunger strike.  Madrid Fashion Week 2006  prohibited  size zero because  according  to World health Organization  size zero is unhealthy and dangerous  but unfortunately “Vough” does not agree with them.

Many models undergo a painful experience for the rest of their life just to be a size zero. Three model died recently because they were trying to be  size zero which can lead them to their dream. Tragedy! isn’t it?

Though some people are taking steps against this crappy phenomenon the rest are just acting dump. Media is playing very crucial role here as if  they want more ill-looking woman in circus. They criticize healthy models and clapped at skeleton. The effect is beyond description.
Teenage group around the world have chosen  their motto of life. They are ready to  do almost anything to gain it.

Over the last five years, high-school-aged females’ use of diet pills have doubled, according to a study by the University of Minnesota’s “Project EAT”.  The study found that by age 19, 20 per cent of women used diet pills. 62 per cent of teenage girls used unhealthy methods of weight control, 22 per cent admitting to using diet pills, vomiting, laxatives and skipping meals. But teenagers who diet and use unhealthy, weight-loss methods are at three times the risk of being overweight.

The effect of such way to lose weight cause eating disorder, hair fall, mood swing, early mono pause, heart failure and many more fatal disease which lead them to the straight way of death rather than the ramp. If any one like to lose weight then they should try to follow a healthy and sound way to do that rather than starving. And the truth is all your bones are coming out is not sexy or hot , its pathetic!

So if you are obsessed or you know someone who is obsessed with size zero try to stop and try to raise voice against those fashion magazine and channel who are clapping the size zero girls.We don’t any more death because of a stupid craze and for some stupid models.


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