still waters run deep

If only I can forget all the horrible things and people just like I forget about this blog life would be really amazing. But of course my mind is messy. Chasing time is not my hobby anymore. People keep telling me read that japanese book about cleaning house or tidying up. But I refused to read that book and feel sorry for all the clutter I have in my life and house. According to people who loved the book the writer advises that we should only keep the things that gives us joy. A valid point really. But then if I only keep the things that bring me joy it will be sad and less distracting. I love distraction, I need more distraction to be honest.  I love the mess that things I love and things I don’t hate is making. I got rid of most the things I hate. So much work to do. I guess the things I don’t hate can stay a while, may be longer. They can keep me company.

even rambling is boring now.


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