“A little more and I would have fallen into the mirror trap. I avoided it, but only to fall into the window trap: with nothing to do, my arms dangling, I go over to the window.”
~ Jean-Paul Sartre


Weird, but that’s exactly how I feel. The meaningless  effort to live just another day is tiring. and then there is hiding. you don’t want to whole world know that you are  broken and beyond any sort of repair. and you are a coward so you really can’t die willingly. so you wait like a old hunter with boredom death might come close any second any moment. but of course death is busy taking all the good people. 

I hate happy human being, I look at them and I want o scream at them ” don’t you understand anything? don’t you feel anything? how can you be so happy? whats wrong with you?” and then I just cross the road.

any happy human being will come into a simple conclusion after reading this post: ” stupid existentialists and their stupid whining” 

I know , right?


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November 6, 2012 · 3:48 pm

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  1. Ishtiaque Hossain

    This how I used to feel like for a huge portion of my life….. Nice blog, and thank you for following.

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